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Thoughts: The Only Controlling Power


Thank you God! You again gave me an¬†opportunity to be alive. I woke up with this thought in my mind and smiled ūüôā I smiled for no reasons.

And then without even realizing, within a few second I was lost in these pool of questions-

“Why am I smiling?”

“Why should I smile?”

” You’ve hurted someone and you’re smiling, how cheap you’re?”

“Why somebody will smile without reasons?”, and so on…

And suddenly I became sad. I became sad for no reasons. I found no reason for smiling and no reason for becoming sad.

This all happened in a minute, and the questions never stopped. They kept on popping up the whole day till my colleague sitting next to me cracked jokes. She cracked 5 jokes and I laughed at 1. I lost 4 moments to be happy. Just because of one reason.

… That one reason was to be “absent in¬†PRESENT”. Till she cracked all the 4 jokes, I was present in the past thinking about the morning incident and I was not aware what was going on around me at that moment. And even I fooled myself by this weird question- ‘I was¬†not thinking anything then how come I never laughed for previous 4 jokes?’¬†But when she slapped me hard, saying “Kabhi hans bhi liya kar”. I told my mind to smile again and that very moment my chain of thoughts was broken. I chose to smile, I chose my thoughts ¬†I wanted¬†at that moment. And when the chain was broken I was free, free to laugh, free to think the way I want.¬†

We humans are simple by design but we make it complex by our own thoughts. Till we don’t break the chain of thoughts that we don’t want, we will become WHO¬†WE ARE NOT. Yes, thoughts are the only¬†controlling power and they can make us WHAT WE CAN BE.¬†Let’s recreate them and be better!

Let’s be present, listen to¬†ourself, think what we¬†want, kick off the unwanted thoughts, take a¬†move, and here we¬†GOAL! ¬†

Love yourself and be yourself, and the world will love you without reasons. ūüôā ūüôā Happy Makar Sankranti!