Monthly Archives: April 2016

Moonlight in the Darkest Night



In the darkest hour of my life, you came as a moon light,

You brightened my night and bewitched my soul to give delight!

Every word you said, I felt as true as our existence,

I wanted to dive more & more deeper to feel your everlasting presence!


You were listening to me like I was your favorite channel,

Understanding of yours was at peak level!

The comfort I received by your words gave me utmost luxury,

My mind and heart synced together in a relaxing autonomy!


With you I was me, I spoke my heart out without any worry,

You pulled me when I was draining in past!

And bestowed the care that shined my heart,

Your humor gave my life a fresh new start!


Hearing your melodious voice softened the core of my heart,

I got the miraculous cure for my broken heart!

Your smile gave a killer added effect,

I couldn’t control myself to say I love your cuteness!


The way you were you, was the best thing you could do,

These all when summed up I had completely fallen for you!

I promise to be beside you no matter what…

I’d love to love you till my last breath with all my soul and heart!