Monthly Archives: October 2016



​On a serious note, with a sweet smile, I want to say Goodbye!
Goodbye to the worries, my mind is occupied with,

Goodbye to the thoughts that makes me negative,

Goodbye to the person, whom I should let go,

And Goodbye to every emotions that drains my positive soul.


I may get weak, I may say harsh, I may go crazy when things doesn’t happen as I want.

I may be stubborn, I may be emotional, I may beg when I don’t want to lose the things I love.

But deep inside I feel, I am not right.

I should let all the things to take a flight.


If it comes back, its mine; otherwise, it could be my HARDEST GOODBYE!

Life is all about let go, and there is nothing to hold on.

Whether it be emotions, people, or the best thing I ever want. 🙂