​At The Seashore…


When the way was slippery, you held me tight.
Each step you took, was keeping me in mind. 

When I said I can walk alone, still you cared. 
Never left my hand, you were always there.

You saw the depth of the sea with me. 
Still the love in my heart, you were not able to see. 

We stood & saw the never ending path. 
But you left me, when we were going to start. 

We were so happy to see the waves dying to meet the shore. 
Then, why you were not able to put any efforts from the core? 

At the seashore we met, at the seashore you left… 
Where were you, when the nature was teaching us to love our soul mate?


About Vandana

Everyone has a left and right brain; I'm one of those freaks that actually uses none, but listen from my heart on a daily basis. My background in Information Technology; experience in technical support, teaching, and technical writing; love for arts; passion for entrepreneurship; soft spot for music; fascination with technology; and interest in writing poetry combines for a unique outlook on life. With a hunger to do live life to the fullest, I am here to pursue one of my interests. Hope you will love the lyrics from my heart.. Enjoy!!

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