Abstract Feelings



Many beautiful girls might have crossed ur life, body, heart, mind, & soul
But I’m just an ordinary girl, who wants to call u my own

Why you come in my thoughts, I don’t know
I couldn’t find any reasons why I’ve started loving you from the core

Might be the time is not right, might be I’m in a hurry,  might be I can wait, might be there is no worry
Still I feel I may lose u even though knowing you are not even mine, my heart skip a beat when I don’t hear from you for a long time

I want to care for you, fight with you, love you, & know you in depth
But I still fear that might be you won’t like such possessiveness

Even the thoughts of you make me so happy
I m sure if I will be by your side, I will forget what is worry

I feel a safe heaven just knowing you are around
No promises we did, still I feel I am bound

I want nothing except you, you’re perfect for me my heart knows
God just give me a chance to call him my own 😊


About Vandana

Everyone has a left and right brain; I'm one of those freaks that actually uses none, but listen from my heart on a daily basis. My background in Information Technology; experience in technical support, teaching, and technical writing; love for arts; passion for entrepreneurship; soft spot for music; fascination with technology; and interest in writing poetry combines for a unique outlook on life. With a hunger to do live life to the fullest, I am here to pursue one of my interests. Hope you will love the lyrics from my heart.. Enjoy!!

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