Always Beside You…



Under the dark sky, when no one will be beside you
I’ll be there in high heels, bending infront of you

I won’t be holding any rose, nor a ring
Just an empty hand for you my king

Reminding you that might be I am soft from outside
But for you, I have got all the courage to fight

I’ll fight all the odds, and I’ll care
Just hold my hand and know I am there

You might have fallen hard in your past
And you might not trust my words so far

I know you fear how love will be like
But for me all the love I know is YOU, my life ❤ ❤

I have got no other defination to define love
Nor I’m afraid to say “I love you” more than I fear anything in this world!

I take this day as a chance to propose you
But also know that we’re friends before I had fallen in love with you

Whatever be your answer, I am happy to accept
With ‘No’, I can still survive as I love myself…
But if it’s ‘Yes’…
I promise, we are going to remake an extraordinary “Romeo-Juliet!” ❤ 😉


About Vandana

Everyone has a left and right brain; I'm one of those freaks that actually uses none, but listen from my heart on a daily basis. My background in Information Technology; experience in technical support, teaching, and technical writing; love for arts; passion for entrepreneurship; soft spot for music; fascination with technology; and interest in writing poetry combines for a unique outlook on life. With a hunger to do live life to the fullest, I am here to pursue one of my interests. Hope you will love the lyrics from my heart.. Enjoy!!

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